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Just Boulders is a branch of UCI/UBM an import/export company that has been in business since 1989.

Our company imports large boulders for landscaping purposes, these are not standard rocks that you can pull out of your neighbors farm field for free.  Don't ask us for standard things you can get from your local landscape supply company, we are not in the commodity business.  This is also not our main business we import and export many items, from electronics to building materials.  So we are not salesmen, we are importers. The prices are set, we don't wish to negotiate unless you are buying 5 or more items, we simply don't have the time, but we do love our customers so please do not take this the wrong way.

Some of the boulders are actually a diminishing resource and will go up in value with time, a good example of this is rose quartz, most of the mines in the US have been played out and it is very very hard to obtain any rocks of any good size.  The price per pound actually goes up with the size of the stone because they are more rare, the average price of rose quartz has almost doubled in the past 5 years even if you could obtain the stones-think of your wife's diamond ring except it will probably go up in value quicker-along with the fact it is much harder to steal! I rarely see someone trying to take a 2000lb boulder from our location.  Our stock sits in our yard at 6568 Center Industrial Dr. look around, you will see them unless we are sold out during the summer or springtime , the price per pound is listed on the website,  We don't install the boulders we just sell them.  We can load a truck or trailer if our forklift can have access to it.

For installation we have partners that can pick up and install that are independent of us.   Stock comes and goes very quickly, often times our imports are sold before they arrive.  Please be patient if you are looking for a special stone or carving.  We are the Michigan distributor for Featherock, we are proud to offer their pumice stones that are both light weight which makes them easy to install, and also can be carved to make water features, sculptures,  or planters.  Often times you will see carvings in our yard, please do not play on them the pumice will cut you easily,  wear gloves when rolling into place.  Some of these statues are made for someone so some are not actually for sale, they are just waiting for pickup.  Each carving looks different because an artist carves them, so it is best to just buy what you see rather than ask for something in particular.

Some of the boulders have to travel half way around the world to get to us, keep that in mind if you wish to place an order, some of the countries we import from are also politically unstable so be patient on arrival times,  often we have to work with customs for the importation issues.  The legality of importing something considered a gem changes based on what country they come from.  We no longer purchase from the African continent so please don't ask.


Shipments being blocked by natives in Brazil


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